Continum Complete in latest AE..FILM stocks interface wont show up

I updated CC in AE and I cant get the Film Stocks interface to show up. It showed up once but then it took awhile to update in the viewer then it just stopped showing up no matter how many times I click on the editor button. The weird thing is that I can still turn things on and off and use the interface sliders that are in the plugin in the layer window and effects window… so I can control the global color and brightness FX but cant get to the little interface viewer that is supposed to pop up. Kind of strange. I have noticed over the last year that I am taking a chance on using CC on the AE file crashing. So I avoid using it completely unless I really want to save and have to restart After effects which will cause me to lose my cache because After effects stinks. I will have to restart clear the cache then restart AE the rebuild the cache … So anyone have any clues as to why its not showing up? everything is up to date. Nvidia is up to date and I have enough ram and I have 2 x 3090s so none of those solutions are helpful. thanks!

One of the problems is that I checked behind the AE main window and the interface was BEHIND AE…LOL so I brought it forward and when i tried to use it I got an ERROR message - internal structure inconsistency… so there is a clue… I am going to keep working on it and seeing what else happens.

The FX Editor needs to be closed before doing any actions back in After Effects. If it is left open - or drops behind the host UI - and you continue to work then you can pretty much guarantee that you will get errors or crashing. Once you get into this situation where there host controls have been touched while the FX Editor is still open, you need to close the FX Editor and close and relaunch AE to reset the state to clean.


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well i restarted and tried to use the CC filmstocks… and consistently the interface appears behind the MAIN AE window. so I made some room for it so i could see it when it appears. So i CLICK on it to bring it forward and start checking out the various film stocks choices and click on one and it has less than a minute and it will go away… just pop off… But if I make a selection before it goes away I can get my film stock selection to show up. so the effect works but just the interface editor window has something strange going on… I checked my license and updated it and restarted and the FX EDITOR does not stay open. it closes. if I make a selection and click apply quickly then I can make a selection otherwise sitting there trying out different looks the screen will disappear on me.

I did a complete restart of my machine and just have AE open and brought up my file I was working on and I put the CC filmstocks on its own adjustment layer. And when I click the FX EDITOR WINDOW it appears in front. Then after about a minute it just dissappears. Then I click the FX editor again and the window appears behind the AE window and since I had left room to see it appear I could click on it to bring it forward. And I clicked a film stock look and hit ok before it will go away… I guess if I want to use this I have about 40 seconds before the screen goes off…I just tried to bring it up again and it shows up behind AE and then I click to bring it forward and waited to see if it would dissappear and it did like clockwork… So that is a repeatable problem. But the FX works… not sure. I guess I will just not use it for now until another few updates and see what happens then… its a cool tool for quick looks but I can just get look adjusting the colors manually…

just adding another note. I tried the other BCC effects and those FX editors stay open and open in front of AE. I havent gone through every single one but it seems that the film stocks window may be the only one with trouble.