Continuous crashing using Media Composer plugin on Mac

I’ve found Mocha to be totally unreliable so far. It is constantly crashing my Avid and it is a gamble as to whether it will save the work I do when I close out of it. How do I go about having someone from Boris look at this? I’ve had this issue from the very first day of installing. There must be some combination of hardware and software config that is screwing this up but I need help finding it.

Macbook Pro 2019 15 inch
2.4GHz Core i9
32GB 2400 DDR4
Radeon Pro 560X 4GB
Mojave 10.14.6
Avid Media Composer 2018.12.8
Mocha Pro plugin

Whenever I open Mocha through the effects editor in Media Composer, Mocha will open up fine but as soon as i save and go to close it, it crashes the whole system and I lose everything. This happens the first time i use mocha after a restart. It then starts working a bit better and crashes less regularly but it still crashes. I can’t rely on it at all to complete any work without it losing everything. Thoughts?

Are you using GPU processing or CPU? If GPU, can you try switching to CPU in Mocha preferences by turning off GPU processing and then restarting Avid? Let me know if that helps the issue. If not, we will try something else.

I have practically the same issue and practically the same MBP setup.

MC v21.3.0
macOS Big Sur v11.2 ● MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) ● 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 ● 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 ● Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB

Have watched quite a few Boris FX “How To’s…” on YT and just by watching the screen, I can tell there is definitely an issue with Mocha Pro.

I have tried every combination of CPU/GPU settings I can see. A simple 1080p/23.976 ten second clip cannot even playback in realtime.

The render never works going back to MC.

I get the background plate and not the insert.

If there is some combination of settings, I would really appreciate knowing where to find them.

– Stan

What happens when you try to render the shot, does it render correctly or just not render back in realtime to the timeline?

I exit Mocha Pro, which brings me back to MC in Effects mode.
Rendering either crashes MC or the clip is rendered without the insert clip.

Hi Mary, thanks for replying. I tried turning off GPU rendering (Mocha and Avid crashed immediately when I went to restart). It seemed more stable when I was just using CPU to render. I switched back to GPU and it’s been ok since (although it’s only been an hour). I feel like it happens more at the beginning of a session.
CPU rendering will be much slower won’t it? I have crash logs from Avid if this helps?

CPU Rendering will be slower. But I am trying to pinpoint the crash. Can both of y’all please log these with our case reports so we can have them on record for the dev team and we will follow up there for logs and try to track this down. I think this might be a bug.

Please submit a case report here: Boris FX | Open a Case

Will do, thanks Mary!

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Currently, the only change I made which appears to have solved my issue is increasing the MP memory to 50% from 30%.

I think 20% was default.

Also, I reinstalled MP from a new download, just to see.

I went ahead and followed the link to submit a Bug Report.

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Stan reported having much more success with a higher memory allocated. Can you give that a go?

If you’re still getting crashes, please send us a crash report as this will help us narrow down the cause.

Thanks Martin, I believe mine was set to 80% by default? This is under “Maximum memory usage” under the “System” tab of Preferences correct? I am still getting crashes every time I use it. I’ll send a bunch of crash reports when I open a case later on tonight. Is there a place where Mocha saves error reports? I have just been copying the info from the crash panel that opens when it goes down and that may just be an Avid thing.

And as a side note I updated it to the newest build last night and now every time I hit render on the remove tab it crashes immediately and disappears, causing Avid to crash too. So basically completely unusable. Will open the case as soon as I get a chance later on.

Thanks Andi, I’ve received your case, we’ll get into the weeds with it over on email.

Has a solution been found for this problem? I’ve had the identical issue. The Mocha and Continuum plug-ins for Avid have caused continuous crashing. It got to the point I was unable to open my sequences. As soon as I clicked on one, Avid crashed. Colleagues I work with who do not have the plugins installed were able to open the identical sequence on their Avid MC without any problem. I’ve uninstalled the plug-ins and have had no problems since.

I’m on OS 10.14.6 and am using Avid MC 2021.2.0. I did try turning off GPU rendering, which only seemed to reduce the number of crashes initially. But the crashes returned with a vengeance.

The issue makes Avid completely unusable, but I’d really like to be able to use the plugins within Avid. Were you able to help Andi with this problem, and if yes, what was the solution?

Hi Gillian,

What is your Mac hardware?

Hi Martin,

I’m on a Mac Pro 6-core Xeon 3.5GHz, 32GB RAM, Dual AMD FirePro D500

If you can launch Mocha, this could be a multithreading management issue:

  1. Please go to your Mocha Preferences
  2. Under the System tab, look for the “Maximum threads per thread-pool” option and turn it on
  3. Set the value in the field to 16.
  4. Close Mocha
  5. Restart Media Composer

Let me know if this fixes the problem.

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for the suggestion and getting back to me so quickly. I’m under the gun at work at the moment, so I’m a bit nervous about reinstalling Mocha Pro because all the crashes caused Avid itself to become corrupted, and I had to reinstall it. But I do need to have Mocha Pro and Continuum up and running as quickly as possible as I use them often. So before I try your solution, I have a couple of questions:

  1. On my previous show, on the same computer, I was using Avid MC 2018.9 with Mocha Pro and Continuum 2020.5, without issue. Since I did not have that problem with 2020.5, do you still think it’s a multi-threading management issue?

  2. If you still believe it’s a multithreading issue, I also have this problem using Continuum 2021. Are there preferences I should be changing in this plugin as well? FYI, on my previous show I used Continuum 2021 Avid_14_0_0 at the very end of the project. When I downloaded the point release Continuum 2021 Avid_14_0_1 I was unable to boot up Avid. During its initialization, it hung up on BCC DFT AVX. When I uninstalled that point release, and re-installed v2021 it was able to boot up again.)

  3. Do you think there may be a compatibility issue with Mocha Pro and Continuum 2021 with Avid? Do you think using versions 2020.5 for now would be the safer route?

Thanks, Martin!

One more question: If I do re-install Mocha Pro and Continuum vers 2020.5, will they be able to read the effects in my Avid timeline I created using MP and BCC 2021 as long as I haven’t used any effects exclusive to that version (i.e. Power Mesh)?

Hey Gillian,

Your case seems slightly different to Andi’s.

I’d recommend you send your log information to us. You can use martinb [at] borisfx to email me.
The logs we need are:

  1. The Mocha log: ~/Library/Logs/imagineer.log
  2. The most recent crash log if you have it.
  3. A screengrab of your GPU tab in Mocha preferences.

It’s not a given that the problem is multithreading. I try to iterate through potential problems first. Your machine is a Mac Pro with the Xeon CPUs, so we’ve had multithreading issues with those machines in the past. That’s what i’m going on.

Can you tell me what specific tasks you were performing in Mocha Pro that caused the crash? Was it tracking, rendering, or simply launching the plugin GUI?

If you didn’t have the same problem in 2020.5, multithreading is less likely to be the problem, especially if your hardware and operating system haven’t changed.

I can’t speak for BCC as I’m not on that team, but I can refer you to perhaps @PeterMcAuley or @jclement who may be able to narrow it down for you.

Retrograding installations (i.e loading projects that used current plugins while using older versions of the same plugin) can be problematic as there can be interface elements missing in the plugin side.
For example, there are new options for rendering Warp in the AVX 2021 plugin of Mocha Pro that are not available in the 2020.5 version.
That’s not to say it won’t work, but i’d recommend backing up your projects before you try it.
As long as you don’t save if you see a problem, it shouldn’t affect the project.