Continuous/Live Update for Clone Tool

Hi there,

Is there a feature in Silhouette where the Clone tool updates as I continuously paint in a single stroke? Instead of lifting my pen and putting it down again. Really useful when trying to clone things with straight edges.

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I think if you hold ‘Alt’ and try painting/cloning, the same feature happens! Give it a try, Cheers!

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Alt-click-click will draw a straight line for all brushes.


Thanks for the reply! I love that feature but that wasn’t what I meant. I meant was the clone source would update as I continue to paint in that direction, so that it wont have the repeated patterns as it goes. It’ll be a nice feature as not only it’ll be able to extend the line on the plate which might only show in a small area, but also able to bring out edges without having the repeated pattern. Hope it makes sense? We have it in our proprietary software and it was really helpful to paint motion blur and extend straight edges.

Can you attach a video showing what it looks like to Clone with the feature you are talking about compared to the standard method?

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Hey @marco, yes sure! I’ll send you an email.