Continuum 11.03 Download links do not work!


I am on an Imac pro and the link for the 11.03 update does nothing for neither avid or adobe.


It’s a problem with the web page programming. If you go into the code inspector of your web browser, you can copy and paste the links to the new software.


Hi John,

Where are you downloading the installers from?

I tried downloading from here and it works fine for me:



Additionally, could you please tell us what browser you’re using?


Your site. I click the link for the software from the list of downloads, it the asks me to sign in, after sign in, I get the Link to download. It then says thanks for trial blah blah blah and nothing happens.

Safari, chrome, Firefox


OK, thanks for that. So it’s essentially any browser on your system. I wonder if it’s possible that a pop-up blocker or some other plug-in on your browsers are preventing the download from happening?