Continuum 11, OS 10.12.2 on Avid 2018.1.0

I am on Avid 2018.1.0 and a Macpro running 10.12.2
Does anyone have Continuum 11 running on this configuration or one similar? I need to make changes to something another editor created and want to make sure it is compatible before spending in the 495 US for a year subscription. It was created on Continuum 10 but so far as I can tell on 11 is available. Any suggestions appreciated.

There are fully functional free trials of Continuum 11 on the website which you could use to test this workflow. They will watermark in trial mode but are otherwise identical to the licensed version so should provide an accurate compatibility test for you. I would not anticipate problems with what you describe, but if you run into any issues please contact us.

For some reason it will not work. I think an assistant must have downloaded the trial in the past, but they say that I have used the trial already (which was a surprise). Maybe someone at my office tested it as we have been talking about this for 8 weeks. If it worked, I would have no problem buying it, but if it doesn’t work it would be hard to explain later :frowning:

The Continuum 11 trial installers should not expire so it shouldn’t be an issue if you used the trial previously. I would suggest making sure you have the latest installer downloaded from our website (Continuum 11.0.2 was released a couple weeks ago). If you have any problems getting the filters to install or work please contact so we can dig more deeply into what you’re seeing. Avid 2018.1 on MacOS 10.12 should work fine with Continuum 11 so support should be able to sort out whatever you are running into.

Would we be able to use a fully functional version for 2 weeks to make sure it works? Or is that out of the question? I understand if it is, I am just wanting to use it in a real life situation before the purchase.

For a discussion about a fully functional trial version (i.e. without a watermark) you would need to contact directly.