Continuum 11 - VR insert cut off on sides

i inserted a 1920x1920 image in my 5.7K scene

repeat all sides always screwsz up on the sides, any idea?

For those settings it looks like each of the repeated faces is large enough that they will overlap each other at the edges. The Insert Apply Mode is set to Replace which will cause the extended boundary of one face to replace what’s behind it instead of merely compositing over the top of the underlying face. Try changing the Insert Apply Mode back to Normal. This may require you to change the way this filter is applied depending on how you had things set up to begin with. With Insert Apply Mode set to Normal you may need to apply VR Insert to the background VR shot and select the insert layer via the layer picker menu. If you had applied VR Insert directly to the inserted foreground clip then the Replace mode would normally work unless you got into this situation of overlapping edges, in which case applying to the background instead should solve the problem.