Continuum 11 VR Insert Distortion problem

Hi. I’m working on a composition using stereo VR footage which needs some 2D graphics adding in.
I have been using the VR Insert effect in order to apply the graphics with an alpha to the original stereo shot. Ideally I need to add around 30 different mono graphics, each on their own Insert effect in order to use different depth and movement for each one.
However, I am finding that the more insert effects I apply to the footage the more and more it warps and distorts the original shot, messing up the stereo.
To combat this I have applied the inserts to an adjustment layer in a different pre-comp and layered that on top of the original footage. This fixes the problem of the distortion to the original footage however I’ve noticed that with each insert layer I add, they mess around with the insert layers above them, equally distorting and warping the graphics.
Besides pre-comping each graphic layer with an insert applied and layering them together on top of the stereo shot I can’t think of a fix. Is this a glitch or am I using the insert effect incorrectly?

Hi Emilie,

Thanks for writing and letting us know about this problem. We have not tested the scenario that you describe but we will do so and upon reproducing the issue I’ll meet with engineering to discuss the problem and a possible solution. More to follow once I’ve reached that stage.



Hi, Emile,

When stacking multiple inserts on the same clip you will get the highest quality if you set the Insert Apply Mode to Replace. So the workflow would be to put each element you want to insert on a separate track and apply VR Insert to each element. (Note that in AE the insert layers should match the dimensions of the final EQR image which happens automatically for native AE text, but if you want to insert a graphic of miscellaneous size you would either need to precomp that graphic, or even simply just apply VR Insert to a Solid which has the right EQR dimensions)/. Then set the Source to the insert layer and set the apply mode to Replace. This will generate a properly distorted insert as a free floating alpha object. Just layer these multiple inserts over the final EQR image on the lowest track and let the host do the composite for you. This will avoid multiple repeated distortions/undistortions of the background image which will ensure the highest quality.