Continuum 12.0.1 will not activate

I just downloaded the Continuum 12.0.1 update for OFX. Windows 10 Pro.

Installer ran and at the end asked if I wanted to activate the license. It had been active and working before on 12.0.0 inside of Davinci Resolve.

I tried activating the license and it said I have reached the maximum number of activations permitted with this key.

I have not run this license on any other machine.

I tried running the Boris Application Manager but it says all of my products are unlicensed (I also have Mocha Pro standalone and multi-host) and the only action option is Buy. The licensing page has activate buttons, but they give a different error, “This license is for a different host product. Can not install it here.”

So, how do I get my purchased licenses to wake up? I am trying to finish a job here and this is a show-stopper. Thanks for any assistance.


I’m not sure how much assistance I can provide but let’s see if we can get your system back in operation.

The first thing to ask is if you backed up before the update then return the system to the pre-update state and complete your work.

Next, if that isn’t helpful, ensure that you have the latest version of the App Manager (we updated it quite recently.

I’ve cc’d Jason, our head of engineering, and also Mike, our licensing guru, in case they might have any insight they can share on this.

And, although it’s outside of support hours, I’ve included this response on the general support channel just in case.

Hello Peter,

Thank you for your response.

I finished my job using an alternate method and product.

I have updated the application manager but I see no difference in its function or behavior. Most irksome, I don’t see any way to deactivate any “old licenses”, either through that app or through the Boris web site. I only see the option to buy a license or the message “This license is for a different host product. Can not install it here.”

If there is any way I can see where my license is being used, and even better, deactivate it wherever the software thinks it’s being used, that would be most helpful. Again, I’ve only ever used Continuum on this machine.

If this is not possible, how likely is it I could uninstall 12.0.1 and reinstall 12.0.0 and be back in business with Continuum?

As for system backups, I did not do one immediately before “upgrading” Continuum. I have a fairly recent one but I’d have to reinstall a number of other items and I’d really rather find another solution.

Best regards,


(double post, sorry)

For licensing issues like this it would be best to contact Support directly since they will be able to help gather log/license files to analyze what went wrong. Please open a case with them if you have not already heard from them: Boris FX | Open a Case

Thank you Jason. I opened a case with support when the issue occurred, either right before or right after posting here. I await their response.