Continuum 2019.5.1 Trial with MAGIX VEGAS

Hello. I have been testing this Trial version as my old BCC8 ( and all other old versions ) are Blocked my the New MAGIX VEGAS V17

The part that I can’t get to work ( which is the part I most need ) is the Match Move ( Mocha Spline ).

The Standard part of MOCHA ( basic Square outline and Absolute X ) works ok and I can add an Iobject to replace any tracked area from the timeline under the main timeline

However, the Spine Tracking also works in as far as I can outline an object and it tracks it, but when you exit and Save it cannot insert the object that I want to cover the Splined outline from the track below the main track

The Corner Pin which is also a plugin which is also accessed in the same way as Mocha ( Via Compositing Mode ) works fine and the insert is added from the Track below.

There is no information about BCC 2019 and Vegas on the BORIS WEB site and the Help menu with 2019 does not deal with Vegas.

Any guidance would be useful… Thanks

For the record, this appears to be a continuation of this previous forum thread:

When tracking a point parameter in Continuum 2019 (V12) or higher with Mocha, the point gets a default circle layer applied when you first launch the mocha UI. If you would like to track a differently shaped region, you can create a brand new Mocha layer with the usual Mocha spline tools for any shape you would like. Track that spline layer. Then in the tracking data for the initial “prepopulated” circle layer, set the track data for that circle to be linked to the tracking data for the spline layer. Then the point in the effect will follow this spline layer. If this does not help, please send us a sample project showing the project or record a screencapture of the issue you are having since Match Move + Mocha is working fine for us in Vegas in all our testing here.


Hello Jason…Thanks for the information. Just one observation… I can Track with the POINT and square OK …and also can also outline the with the Spline shapes.
I can’t see a setting to say… " Link the Track data ( The point and square ) to the Spline layer.

Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated

Thanks again…

Here is a screenshot of the Mocha Continuum UI showing the key elements needed when linking tracks between layers.

  1. Setup: Note that there is a default point layer (generally called Absolute in the case of BCC Match Move). I turned off the processing cog (gear icon) for that layer since in your case you don’t need it to spend any time tracking it as we plan to link to a separate track instead. There is also a spline shaped layer which is what I’m actually tracking named Layer 2.
  2. Tracking: Perform the actual tracking as usual in Mocha
  3. Linking: Select the original point layer track (Absolute) in the upper Layers pane. Then select Layer 2 (the spline shaped track) from the Link to Track menu in either the Essentials or Layer Properties panes on the left. This tells mocha to use the Layer 2 tracking information inside the original layer as well.
  4. Adjust Center Point: Again with the point layer (Absolute) selected, adjust the blue cross hair rectangle to be in the exact point on the image where you want your match move to be centered.
  5. Apply back to the host and all should be well. You can adjust the offsets if necessary using the native Offset X and Offset Y params back in the host.

Having said all that, in most cases you do NOT actually need to use this technique of linking the default circle track to a separate spline shaped track. In most shots it will be just fine to use the default circle track as the primary tracking layer for doing Match Moves. Just position and resize the outer circle shape to encompass a plane suitable for tracking. Then move the blue center point cross hair into the center of that circle shape and you are generally good to go. (And in fact if you position the starting tracker location back in the native UI before you first launch mocha then both the circle shape and its center cross hair will already be in the right location.)

Note that Mocha is an extraordinarily accurate and robust tracker and it has many tools to refine tracking behavior. If you are going to be doing significant amounts of tracking it would be worth your while to study the many mocha training resources on our website.

Hello… Much appreciate your guidance. I have looked for Tutorial specifically for Vegas as the SAVE works in a different way to other NLEs.

I now follow your info.

One other thing, I was trying to REVOME a background following one of the tutorials but it seems that in the Continuum Mocha version there is no REMOVE tab to achieve it. I have looked in all the View options - Clasic… Rota, etc. Can you confirm either that this function DOES NOT work in Magix Vegas,?
I can’t find any tutorial explaining this feature when using MAGIX VEGAS

Many thanks… I appreciate you time…


Hi there. The Remove Module is only found in Mocha Pro, not the Mocha inside Continuum filters.
Mocha Pro is an OFX plug-in that does support Magix Vega… it is a separate product.

If you are running Continuum in Vegas, another way to remove objects is the Remover which is found in Continuum Image Restoration folder. This has clone tools that can be driven by Mocha’s planar tracked shapes.

If you need to do more advanced object removes, you can download a trial of Mocha Pro for OFX here:


Hello… I do appreciate your information… However, I cannot find the CONTINUUM RESTORATION folder, either in the actual Mocha UI or search the entire PC for this…
I have search tutorials for this but only AE show it which is of no use of course

Can you did me a clue where this feature is

Would be great to have an Up to date tutorial of all the features when Adapted for Vegas…

I just feel I am wasting your time because these items are not easily available until someone from Outside BORIS produces a Tutorial

Thanks again


Ross is referring to the BCC Remover filter which is found in the BCC Image Restoration category on all hosts including Vegas. Note this filter would be applied as a normal effect in Vegas, not as a custom Vegas compositing mode, but that means it can NOT access a separate image for the removal data. Thus when using BCC Remover in Vegas the source pixels for the remove much come from a different part of the same clip. If you are trying to INSERT content from a different clip then you will need to use Match Move or Corner Pin.

We don’t have a Vegas-specific tutorial on BCC Remover or BCC Match Move, but here is a Media Composer tutorial on BCC Remover which will help you understand how to use that filter and what its capabilities are:

Boris FX | Let’s Edit with Media Composer - BCC Remover