Continuum 2019.5 crashes inside Avid MC 2018.12.7

While inside MC, attempting to use Title Studio, upon either CANCEL of APPLY

The CPU or BCC or MC locks up. Ultimately crashes the previously running programs.

Having a devil of a time trying to resolve the issue.

Any heroes out there?

We may want to put you directly in touch with Support to help narrow this down, but in the meantime can you provide more details:

-Exactly which version of 2019.5 is it? Are you on the latest update (internal version 12.5.2?)
-What OS?
-What GPU?
-It is crashing when closing the FX Browser or the main Title Studio UI?
-Any other details as far as the specific scenarios that cause the problem?


BCC Title Studio (works like a champ outside of Avid)

Windows 7 Professional, HPZ840, 32GB RAM

NVIDIA Quadro M4000

While inside of Avid’s MC, I can open Title Studio, create a title, upon either CANCEL or APPLY, the CPU locks up. After approximately 2 minutes Title Studio will close but all tasks (MC) have to be restarted with recent project progress in Avid and Title Studio unsaved.

Back Story:

I used RED5 forever and had it inside Avid MC up until yesterday. I do know that RED5 was no longer supported by Avid. But was able to make it work.

Wondering if residual files from RED5 are causing this issue. If that’s the case, I’m lost in being able to solve that problem.

Thanks for your help.

It’s probably not related to the Red 5 files. Title Studio should be independent.

On some Win 7 machines with dual monitors there were problems in Avid launching Title Studio if the effect control pane was on the secondary monitor. Try making sure the effect control pane and the Title Studio UI are both situated on the primary monitor and see if that bypasses the issue.

If not please open a Support case:

Configured to single monitor mode. Same issue. I can use Title Studio inside Avid but can’t CANCEL or APPLY without crash.

Creating a support case now.