Continuum 2021: Title Studio Tabs. Only Right Align?

I have to be doing something wrong:

Cant change Tab Alignment

If I then RIGHT click on the actual TAB I don’t get an option to change Alignment, only to change Background Colour.

Please advise.


Hey Biggrazie,

So it’s a left mouse click in the ruled area to create a tab stop. When right clicking in the ruled area where the tabs are displayed you should see options for left, center, right and delete tab stops.

I hope this helps!


Yes, I’d agree. I’m following the Boris Tutorials. And like a Word doco doing what you say and the Tutorial I still don’t get any change in the Justification of the Tab. I really don’t.

Any thoughts?

Peter, just to be sure, I changed my Mouse. Still no Left or Center Justification?

Ah, got it! CONTINUED Clicking on the Tab produces the variation of Alignment. The far-left Box doesn’t do anything? The Icon STAYS on RIGHT-align?

OK, no Cut or Delete though.