Continuum 2022 150.0.5 for FCP Error in Mocha Window

Hey Guys,

First of all, thank you for the wonderful release.

Second, I found a possible bug. When I open the Mocha tracker after I apply an effect, it works but intermittently it loses picture and I get a logo frame…see screenshot.
Once I save and get out then open Mocha Tracker again it’s fine…until next time.

btw - I have a M1 Pro 16 inch MBP running Monterey 12.3.1 with 16gb of memory

Thank you for reporting this. Could you please provide us with the frame size and frame rate that you’re working with? And are you using the latest version of FCP?


And could you also please let us know what codec the clips are encoded with?

The clip is an Apple ProRes HQ shot on iPhone Pro 3/Filmic Pro

Great, thanks for that but I also need you to specify the frame rate and the frame dimensions please. And I need to know the exact version of FCP that you’re working with.


FCP 10.6.2
UHD 24 fps

Perfect … thanks!

I’ve collected and submitted all of this information to our QA group - they’ll try to reproduce the issue locally and we’ll take it from there. Thanks again for reporting this to us and I’ll let you know their findings once I hear back from them.

Okay, let me know if you would also like the video file.