Continuum appropriate for full character removal?

I currently have Continuum and Silhouette and I’m working on a project where I need to remove a character and replace it with another. Adding the character is something I know I can do with the tools I have. Remove?

Secondarily, my primary tool for editing is Vegas Pro 17.

I know, based on @maryp’s tutorials that I could, probably, accomplish the removal using Mocha Pro but would I be barking up the wrong tree to attempt this with the version of Mocha in Continuum or a combination of that and Silhouette?

If you think it’s doable, what would you recommend as a rough process (or link to Boris video if you know of one I should grok).

The source I’m working with was recorded from a static position with dancers moving throughout the fov, so in theory I think the Mocha magic might work well here, though I imagine the background dancers would sometimes create spots for manual cloning.

How much time do you have to complete this shot? Because there’s no magic bullet here. It’s going to take a long time to paint out a person between people. And which person are you trying to remove?

@maryp it’s not time sensitive so I could literally make this my life’s work if I had to. I’d rather not, though. :slightly_smiling_face:
Having said all that, everyone involved would be pleased if we were done sometime in the next month.
The person in question is the woman up front wearing black, with her hands on her hips.
Having thought about this more I wonder if I’d save myself a lot of work by masking her out, applying a clean plate to much of that area and putting her behind the new character in a new layer. That area doesn’t need everyone who’s there but I wouldn’t want it to be empty. I don’t have a clean plate because the original shoot wasn’t intended to have any VFX applied but I’m certain I can make one since that camera was running well before the room filled up.
I’m a newbie to a lot of this so I’m sure I’m missing some things that are obvious to a lot of people here.

Then yes, I think I would just remove all the folks in that area and call it a day, and rotoscope anyone who crosses over in a minimal way back in. And you can hide any sins in that workflow with a few strokes from Silhouette paint. That’s probably the most realistic and quick workflow for this.

@maryp thanks for the input. I’ll give that a shot first and see where that takes me

@maryp I’m thinking a lot of this should be done in Silhouette? Wondering if there’s a workflow that would make sense to use Continuum and if I’d need to do much of the masking and roto work in full Silhouette or if SP would make sense from within Vegas Pro.

If it’s a true lockoff, you could just clone the areas that need fixing and autopaint forward. If it’s not a true lockoff, track the floor and the wall and then stabilize paint both individually. You can use roto in Silhouette Paint to isolate the areas you need to and to account for people.

Or you could track in patches in Mocha. Or use the remove and remove everyone in that whole section. There are many ways to approach this shot and it’s going to depend on your preferences.

@maryp Since I’ve done very little work with any of the methods I think I’ll give cloning and painting a shot. Thank you!