Continuum Complete 2021

One word for this latest edition of Continuum Complete.

**A W E S O M E!!! **

There is so much more added over 2020.5! I will be spending WEEKS exploring, and will only be touching the tip of the ice berg.

Job well done!

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Witam.Czy przy aktywnej subskrypcji Continuum mozna zaktualizowac do 2021?

Hi Edward,

Since you are on a current Continuum Subscription, you can simply download the Continuum 2021 OFX installer from:

and install it. The next time you start up your host application, the license should take effect.

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***For customer / technical support inquiries, please submit them here:

Bardzo dziękuję ale czy nie trzeba odinstalować wersji 2020,5?

So much more exciting because I wasn’t expecting it! Christmas has come early!

In the whats new video it says (at 2:46 into the 6:15 video) “including a lens flare with hundreds of customisable presets” When I add BCC 3D lens flare to my vegas clip and go to FX browser I get 78 AND NONE OF THEM SAY ANAMORPHIC! Where are they?

Also the video talks about “THE BRAND NEW CINEMATOGRAPHERS TOOLKIT” as if that’s a thing! I’m guessing it is just a term for things that are found on the various menus because when I search for this I can’t find anything…

What am I missing? I’ve gone from super-excited to a little underwhelmed in 2 hours (including download and install).

Hi Steve,

You should also notice that we added a new lens flare for this release - it’s not the “BCC Lens Flare 3D”, just “BCC+Lens Flare”. Try that instead and you will find what you’re looking for.

And the Cinematographers Toolkit is a catchall phrase that we use to describe the new additions to Continuum - it’s not a single filter or even a Unit, but rather a reference to the new BCC+ filters that were designed to meet the needs of Cinematographers. So instead of having to fit a glass filter to the camera lens, you can do this in software with an exact match, and one of the most obvious advantages to this approach is that it can be changed after the fact. If you need a different glass filter on that shot then you have to reshoot, but if it’s in software you just replace one filter with another, or one preset from the same filter with another preset. I hope this helps explain it.



Now that you mention it… it seems obvious! Excellent, just the flares I was looking for. I guess it’s always difficult to add functionality without breaking changes would be good if the “introductory” video had suggested the new naming convention for the “new” plugins. I’m well and truly back into over excited, 7 year-old on Christmas morning (3am!) mode again. Thank you.

Hi, Edward,

When you run the installer for 2021 it will automatically uninstall 2020.5 for you. If you want to you can uninstall 2020.5 manually first, but generally it works fine to just let the newer 2021 version do the automatic uninstall of older versions for you.


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Bardzo dziękuję za pomoc.