Continuum effects don't have edge options

Is there a technical reason why continuum effects often don’t have edge handling options like reflect or repeat? I use sapphire and continuum across various editors and when I need to work on a project in FCPX I am constantly frustrated by the lack of this parameter in continuum effects, where sapphire almost always has them. Can this feature be requested? and would it take a lot of development to get this added in anytime soon?


We’ve heard related requests before and I’ll make sure this is filed in the feature database. It’s basically a filter-by-filter situation. Some of them do already have such controls (e.g. Prism) and others have various edge pinning controls which are related but not identical (e.g. many of the Warps.) It would be very helpful in prioritizing to hear your thoughts on which filters most need this capability added.

Got it, I’ll look into how the corner pinning feature might be able to help – the most essential one that I can think of is the BCC Pan and Zoom tool.

Pan and Zoom does not have pinning or the type of edge treatment features you’ve mentioned. Which edge treatment options would you want to see in Pan and Zoom?

I usually use the reflect edges option, but repeat would also be appreciated. I checked out corner pin and in most cases that wouldnt provide the flexibility I’m looking for. also, not sure how that would work with pan and zoom :D.

Sorry for the confusion - I didn’t mean the Corner Pin filter itself. I was referring to the built in Pinning parameter group found in many Continuum filters such as Bulge, Displacement Map, Ripple, Twirl, etc. This group allows you to pin the distortion amount near the edges so as to not to expose the boundary condition at all - which is another form of edge treatment. This option is not part of Pan and Zoom though.

Another option is using the mattes like in the PixelChooser mask and matte options to control the edges. I use these all the time with lighting effects.