Continuum extremely slow on Davinci Resolve 17

I am trying to use Continuum on Davinci Resolve but it is a painful slow experience. Lots of effects give me only 2 frames per second. Is there a way to speed things up a little because i really don´t really want to use the filters as they are 10 times slower than the ones included in Davinci.
My system is i7 8700 48 RAM Nvidia RTX 3090 Davinci Resolve 17 Beta3 And continuum latest version 13.5.1.
I get this low performance even with proxy creation, braws, prores. Doesn’t matter. Impossible to work with the program at this pace. Maybe this OFX does not work well with Davinci?
Sometime I think all this OFX plugins iare a huge waste of time and it would be much better to be able to work in stand alone programs. The convenience of working inside a video suite is void if you get that poor performance.

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It’s an unfortunate fact that currently all 3rd party OFX filters will be outperformed by the built-in filters in Resolve ,which were developed by the Blackmagic engineering team and enjoy a fast processing pipe.

Although there’s not much that can be done on the 3rd party developers side to avoid this bottleneck, I can tell you that we have conveyed these concerns to the development team at Blackmagic Design and that they listen. If history is any gauge, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they figure out where the bottle neck is on their side of the equation and when that happens all 3rd party OFX filters will enjoy a performance bump.

In the meantime, perhaps you could write to the Blackmagic dev team and share with them the same concerns that you are sharing here so that they understand from a users perspective how much this affects your experience while working with the Resolve host.


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In addition to Peter’s comments, I would add that we are working to squeeze additional performance gains on our side where possible. Continuum 2021 (V14) has across-the-board optimizations for OFX performance which will give up to roughly 25% performance boosts over V13.5 in OFX depending on the complexity of the filter in question. Additionally Continuum 2021 adds a new set of 81 BCC+ filters that are able to make more efficient use of the Resolve native GPU pipeline and these new filters will often run at or near realtime in Resolve. (I believe based on a separate forum topic that you switched from V14 back to V13.5 due to a bug in BCC Remover. We expect V14.0.1 to ship with a fix for that within roughly 1 week.)


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I really love the filters. It’s the speed that is the weak point. In general I find that somehow Davinci as wonderful it is has also some bottle necks, specially in Fusion. What i have seen that those areas that depend on the graphic card for example Noise Reduction even at max level gets handles really well. I personally would like everything being handled by the graphic card because processors are really turtles when compared to GPUs does not matter if Intel or AMD. At least in my experience. When I use Mocha for example everything is fine with GPU tracking but if because an error it defaults back to CPU you can forget the track, better to start over again.
Now the new mac processors look promising because what I have seen for such a little and cheap device it leaves my high end computer in the dust.
In any case Davinci 17 is also still in beta now and I hope they improve not only their program but also the integration with external OFX like the ones by BorisFX.


I can only reiterate Christian’s sentiments. There is so much promise in the Continuum suite and yet the poor performance I get while using Davinci Resolve as my primary post-production tool means that I don’t realise that promise. Every time I try to use a particular filter or application, the rendering speeds make me throw my hands up in defeat. So I don’t use the application…I don’t learn the application…and ultimately, as I’m coming to the end of my current subscription, I may need to give up on Continuum altogether.

I understand BorisFX has limited ability to influence how BM accommodates 3rd party OFX providers but I thought you might want to know that this customer isn’t getting the value that he signed up for.


Curious to know what you think of the performance with the BCC+ filters. The ones beginning with “BCC+” should run 100% on the GPU including taking full advantage of the native GPU pipeline in Resolve. Most of them should run at or near real-time in Resolve, but if that’s not what you are seeing it would be good to know more about your hardware so we can experiment.


I had that too, that the BorisFX Continuum filters run slow or jerky in Davinci Resolve. But I found out a possibility. Try to use the filters only in the Davinci Color Node and activate the Node Caching for every single Node with BorisFX Filter. Of course you have to select the following on the clip in Edit Cut mode. Clip Color Caching…with these settings you can get a lot out of it. There are also some basic settings in Davinci that you have to make under Project Setting etc…
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