Continuum has over 600 transitions... is there a place I can preview them all?

Is there a website where I can preview all of Continuum’s 600+ transition effects? It would really help me decide on which transition to use because there are just so many to choose from and I can’t possibly remmeber what they all look like.

Similar to how this site:

Yep, right here : Boris FX | Continuum Transitions

There are 47 transition filters with hundreds of presets. And to preview these filters and their presets over your source shots, you can use the FX Browser filter.

Thanks but I bought the Continuum Units Transitions so FX Browser doesn’t appear to be included.

Right, but during the installation process you were presented with the option to remove unlicensed filters and if you selected that option then the FX Browser filter will not appear. You can always re-install to pick that up. Please be aware though that the FX Browser is applied to a single clip and not a transition, so even though you can use the FX Browser to sift through all presets for every filter, including all of the transitions, it won’t display both the incoming and outgoing clips, just one or the other.

I did select remove unlicensed plugins (which also strangely removed BCC Spin Blur Dissolve). So I re-installed making sure to include unlicensed plugins and now I can access FX Browser (and BCC Spin Blur Dissolve is also available now).

I can only imagine what it would be like to even create a video with 600 different transitions!