Continuum License Keeps Deactivating

Having trouble with Continuum constantly deactivating in the middle of edit sessions. I can re-enter the serial and restart the host (Adobe Premiere Pro) but it’s a PITA and has even happened in the middle of renders. It’s really a drag to check a 2-hour render and see a watermark that wasn’t there when you started. I recently updated to the most recent version.

Here’s the license error:

Any idea what’s happening and how to fix? Thanks for your help!

Update -

This seems to happen the first time I cut and paste clips with a Continuum effect between sequences in a project. This seems to be a repeatable bug.

Hi, David,

Can you send more specific steps about how to repeat that scenario?

And can you send us the BCC.log file from the system via private message on the forum or by emailing me: jclement at borisfx dot com
The log files can be found by clicking the Log File button in that dialog from your screen shot or by going to these paths.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen this happen in two difference scenarios:

  1. Cutting and pasting a section of clips with the plugin from one sequence to another.
  2. Rendering a sequence with the plugin in Adobe Media Encoder.

Was hit with the second scenario yesterday which was very frustrating. I’m working on a feature and the first use of the BCC plugins starts about half-way in which is over an hour into a render. Even though the plugins were licensed and looked fine in Premiere, they were showing watermarks in AME. I wasted about three hours trying to make it work and finally as a workaround, set my preview codec to my render output codec and used previews for my final render.

Will email you my log and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this. Many thanks!