Continuum Match Move creating a black background

I’m using Match Move to track camera movements and it was working fine. I opened up the project today to find black backgrounds instead of the background layer that’s selected. It’s only doing it on some of the clips, not all of them. Any ideas on what this might be?
Here’s my particulars:
2019 Mac using Big Sur OS
Premiere Pro 2022
1920x1080 footage in a 1920x1080 timeline

I don’t have any obvious answers. Is the visibility icon turned off for the black layers or have the contents of those tracks shifted temporally? Might the clips have been trimmed after doing the tracking or something like that which could have changed the timing? What version of BCC are you using? Any chance you could send along a screencapture showing the setup or send along a project file (even without media). Feel free to send them off list directly to me:
jclement at borisfx dot com