Continuum Mocha - where is it?

Hey folks, I downloaded the trial version of Continuum to check out the Primatte Keyer. Then I discovered on the Mocha Comparison Chart (Boris FX | Mocha Pro 2022.5) that Continuum comes bundled with a version of Mocha that supports magnetic splines, edge snapping, and freehand splines. (Chart below) I looked through my effects library and could not find that Mocha. Screenshot below of my search for Mocha, and then all of the BCC units from the trial. Sorry for what seems like a really noob question, but can somebody help me out?


  • DK

The BCC Primatte Studio filter is in the BCC Key and Blend group. Mocha is included as a sub module within the PixelChooser in most BCC filters.


Thank you! Much appreciate the fast response. Have a great weekend. 8)

  • DK