Continuum Page Turn OFX - Alternate back - Sony Vegas

I have been trying to get the "Alternate Back Menu " option working in the Page Turn menu
The instructions say that it allows you to choose a Layer in the time line to apply to the back of the page turn.

So I have a picture on the top line line and another picture on the timeline underneath it. I add the effect to the Top time line and click in the second timeline and select source.

Does not work. I have tried many variants of this but can’t seem to get it to work.

There does not seem to be a definitive way to select the source.

Any ideas, Thanks,


Unfortunately this boils down to a limitation in Vegas. In Vegas a normal effect cannot access secondary layers so there is no way to actually select an alternate background. In other OFX hosts without this restriction you would be able to select an alternate background. The only types of effects that allow access to a secondary input in Vegas are the Custom Compositing Mode effects, but Page Turn does not appear in that list at this time.

I’m not coming up with any obvious workarounds. We should either update Page Turn to allow it to be applied as a Custom Composting Mode in Vegas (clunky but workable), or we should add options to Page Turn to control the opacity of both the foreground and background elements so the effect could be built in two layers and composited. I’ll file a ticket in our tracking database about this.


I thought of one partial workaround that may or may not help. If you apply BCC Page Turn as a Transition instead of as an effect in Vegas, then you do have the ability to set the back side to the incoming layer. However, it then composites the result again on the incoming layer which may not give you the look you’re after.

Why Vegas developers don’t make it access other layers?

You should ask in the Vegas forum…

They have never replied this. So I have to ask someone else.