Continuum Premium Filter - Particle Illusion: Activation Key expired

I bought Continuum Premium Filter - Particle Illusion as part of 5daydeal bundle.

  1. I have installed the Continuum filter for OFX installed fine and worked fine
  2. After that I have installed Continuum Beta for a while.
  3. Now when I try to activate Continuum Premium Filter - Particle Illusion I am getting an error saying that
    " Error -1017 requesting activation

Activation key expired


  1. When I try to activate the license with the beta key I don’t get any error.
  2. I have opened a customer support case but the Support rep says that he checked the license and do not see any issues and it is still active.

I use a Mac I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and still get the same error.
I have even removed BorisFX folder from /Library/Application Support/

Just to be clear, you’ve uninstalled both the Continuum beta and the purchased Continuum – Particle Illusion, then installed only the purchased Continuum – Particle Illusion?

When you uninstalled did you also deactivate the license(s) if it gave you that option?

These kinds of license issues need to be resolved with the Support team. Please follow up on the Support thread and indicate that you remain unable to activate that key.

I have uninstalled Both versions and deactivated the license

Sure will follow up on the support case. But the support rep is from UK and I live in the US, it is hard to coordinate.