Continuum SUper Slow in Premiere Pro... even using proxies

I just started using the software today. It’s incredibly slow to do anything… I’ve been trying to edit with smaller clips or adjustment layers so I’m only rendering footage I’m currently adjusting. I’ve even gone to the point of trying to edit a larger clip with single digit frames just so I can render and review the changes quicker.
I have proxies attached, enabled and both play/pause resolutions as low as they can go. After adding just even 1 effect at times it lags not only playback but the entire program. Mouse movement is no longer smooth, making adjustments is more difficult as it doesn’t seem to register changes fast enough so you often go past where you wanted on the scale. I by no means have a state of the arc PC but this can’t be normal. My settings should be optimized I’m fairly familiar with the appropriate settings.

Original Footage -
3840 x 2160
23.976 fps

Type: QuickTime Movie
File Size: 141.43 MB
Image Size: 1024 x 540
Frame Rate: 23.976

Geforce 1080TI ftw3 11gb
AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20 GHz
16gig DDR4 2666mz
ex900 500GB SSD

Hi There,

I’d like to offer you some assistance but first I need a few additional details from you such as :

• Is there any single filter which you believe is causing the performance lag or is it with all filters?
• Are you seeing the same issue with other 3rd party effects on this system?
• Have you tried applying the filters directly to the clip source as opposed to using Adjustment Layers? If so, is the result the same?
• Did you download the product installer directly from our web site?
• What exact version are you using of Continuum and Premiere Pro?


I switched to resolve I couldnt handle adobe anymore errors and crashes took up most of my time.