Continuum Unit-Particles cannot find download


I have just purchased CU-P, purchased it straight via BorisFX sales team. They have sent me my serial number and a link to download but it is not the link for CU-P and I am unable to find the product download on BorisFX website… Am I missing something here? I am unable to contact the guy (Neal) as the sales team are now closed for the weekend. JFYI I do not have Continuum (2019) I just wanted Continuum Unit -Particles for Partical Illusion (I have the old PI 3). Can any one help please.




You can just download the trial version in Continuum 2019 from the web site and when you run the installer you can enter the serial number that you received from Neil. This will remove the watermark on the BCC Particles filters.



Thanks Peter. I also got a message back from Neil too who obviously is working on Saturday as well.

Great team support :smile: