Continuum Units Multiple licences Issue

Hi There,

I recently needed to purchase licenses for both the blur and sharpen unit and the color and tone unit for avid.

I install the license for the sharpen unit fine but then i can’t install the license for color and tone. every time I try to install it the application won’t open unless i uninstall the sharpen license first which is terrible because i need them both for the same project and my deadline is approaching in just a couple of days.

I don’t want to loose the client. please help.

Oh i just got it working!!!

In case anyone else has this issue, I had to uninstall all licenses then rerun the activate license app. then insert each key and hit continue as the option even though it doesn’t tell you that it’s accepted the key.

When I put them both in I just closed the app and ran avid again an it was working. double checked the licenses and they were both listed.

Happy it worked out… I ran into seemlier issue before, as I have multiple
product from BorisFX… I had to uninstall everything and slowly and
methodically re-install and re-license.


Thanks for the reports. We are actively researching how to improve the overall licensing process to help avoid confusions such as these.

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