Continuum update - BCC+ the XY gang function still doesn't work in Vegas

As the title says
after Continuum 15.03 update - BCC+ the XY gang function still doesn’t work in Vegas 19
just thought i’d let you know,

Thanks for mentioning this - I’ve asked our QA team to take a look.

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Hello, I’ve taken a look at this and the XY gang function appears to be working correctly for filters that it’s enabled on. Is there a specific filter that you are looking at. For example, in BCC+ Blur it’s not possible to gang the Blur X and Blur Y parameters. That function is controlled by the Master Blur.

However in a filter like BCC+ Detail, the gang button works to link Fine, Medium and Coarse parameters together.

Hi, It’s only BCC+ that i know of, BCC gang works fine
It’s mainly this Blur x: y: or similar ganged controls like Softness, yes BCC+ Detail works fine but those gang controls are different.
BCC+ Centre Spot, Composite, Day for Night, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Double Fog, Edge Composite, Eye light, Film Grunge, Fog, Frost, Glow, Glow Darks, Glow Edges, Halo, Ice Halos, Infrared, Light, Looks, Mist, Net, Night Vision, Rack Focus, Rel Light, Split Field, Textures, Transform & Vignette,

Light - Blur & Scale

Transform - scale & Composite - all ganged controls

Okay, I’m seeing what you mean now. That is definitely incorrect behavior, and it’s most readily apparent with BCC+ Transform. I can easily reproduce it and have entered the issue into our database for engineering to review.

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Thankyou, not just me then :+1:

Glad that another Vegas problem will be solved. :grin: