Continuum & VEGAS Effects

This is probably not the question to ask butt… I use VEGAS Pr8 18 POST, Trying to learn VEGAS Effects without much luck. Having microscopically better luck with Continuum. Question Which S/W is better for VFX/Motion graphics? I know VEGAS Effects is HitFIlm.

In the Vegas user forum, that has been talk about issues with using Continuum and Post.
In my memory, which is not the best, I believe Boris and Vegas are working on this issue.

Boris does work well with Htifilm Pro 15.

Continuum fully supports Vegas Pro, but there is an issue with Continuum in the Vegas Effects app that is part of the Post Suite. We are working on a resolution to this issue, although full “official” support for the Vegas Effects app is a further milestone.


Thank you Jason.
Since that milestone could be VEGAS 19 or VEGAS 119 I think I’ll go with Boris. Maybe JUST maybe save a dollar or two. May the gods have mery on my brain cell while I try and learn this stuff. emoticon_biggrin.png