Continuum with PP

I’m having trouble dropping Continuum effects on clips in Premiere Pro. It does not go between clips (creating a transition), not can I drop it on the beginning or end of the clip - it only drops on one entire clip.

I’m on a Mac.

Any ideas?


Sounds to me as though you’re trying to use one of the BCC Transition filter from the VIDEO EFFECTS folder as a true transition in PP instead of one of the BCC Transitions from the VIDEO TRANSITIONS folder. Can you pelase confirm? Thanks, Peter.

Precisely. Thank you. I knew it was something blatantly obvious.

Ooo. This caught me too. Any way to not put BCC Transitions in Video Effects, or provide some guidance?

We should revisit if there is some way to make this less confusing. We need these transition-style filters available in Premiere Effect menu in addition to the Transition menu for historical reasons so older projects can still be opened. Prior to Premiere adding support for true NLE-transitions these filters were already available as Effects and thus need to be maintained for project compatibility. But maybe we can revisit the naming or add a prefs option to make this less confusing.