Contiuum presets from AE in Avid

Is it possible to use a custom preset from After Effects within the Avid version of a plugin.

I presume that each plugin version has to be the some.

Many thanks in advance.

Absolutely - you can share presets from the same filter across hosts and platforms. In fact, you can share animated presets and retain the key frames between Avid and Adobe After Effects. Give it a shot!!

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Many thanks @PeterMcAuley. Awesome feature. Very pleased to be able to help my editor with presets I create with keyframes in AE.

Some of the AE bezier keyframe types don’t transfer to Avid directly, so for the closest match between AE and Avid when sharing presets it is best to use either linear or autobezier keyframes in AE. Also note that point picker animation in AE has both temporal and spatial animation keyframes but in Avid only the temporal part of the point picker keyframes comes across. But apart from those limitations they should translate back and forth quite nicely.

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