Control points not visible


I was messing around with mocha AE layers and somehow I ended up being unable to see any of the layers shapes’ control points. I cannot activate them with Pick Tool, even though the layer is selected. The other available tools are Create X-Spline Layer and Create B-Spline Layer, but these only create new layers, meanwhile I need to activate selected layer’s control points. I also tried to click and drag with the Pick Tool, right click, but nothing happened. I only see a red line of the layer shape without any control points. I could add a printscreen of my mocha interface but I don;t know how to display images in this forum

It sounds like you have locked the layer. Is the lock icon on in the layer controls?

It is also possible you turned off both Uber Key and Auto Key, this will effectively do the same thing.

thank you for your help, the layers were indeed locked. silly me