Convert graded footage to V-Log

Is there a way I could take an already linear color stock footage background clip and convert it to roughly match my roto’d foreground clip that is ungraded V-Log?

Ideally I’d like to blend the clips together in AE so that the exported comp will look like a composite V-Log clip to bring into BaseLight in Media Composer for my color grading. Thanks for any help!


You might try using one of the BCC color correction filters to achieve that goal. Yes, manual work but that’s the only option in Continuum that we can offer at this time. Perhaps the BCC+ F-Stop or the BCC Color Match filter would help.


Another option would be to use the S_OCIOTransform plugin in our sister product Sapphire. This plugin has dedicated OpenColorIO transforms that might be helpful.

Thanks for both suggestions. It looks lke the S_OCIOTransform is what I need with the transforms. The only thing though is that I don’t see an actual listing for Panasonic “V-Log” in the drop downs for the To or From. I only see “Panalog” listed. Does Panalog = V-Log? Thanks!

I don’t know for sure about that. It might be good to repost that question on the Sapphire channel of the forum. Keep in mind that you can run Sapphire in trial mode to test it out yourself. It will watermark but should otherwise let you test the conversions.

Ok no prob sounds good, yea I’ll share the post to Sapphire. I have the full licenses so I’ll give it a test today in the meantime. Thanks.