Convert Roll to Star Wars Roll in title studio 12

I have created a roll title in BCC 12 title studio. Is it possible to tilt the text plane to convert it to a star wars style roll? What parameters need to be modified? I have been trying all afternoon, and am stumped.
Dennis Freeman

Hello Dennis,

If you created the roll using a title container, you’d want to first place the title container In a 3D scene container. Once you do you can select the title/scene container in the timeline. When this is selected you can adjust the Tumble X parameter in the controls tab to -70.

A step by step walkthrough on how to replicate the Episode 4 opening can be found here, if you like.

I hope this helps!


Hi Vin,
I guess I am confused here. I created the text. Created an inpoint with the text off the screen at the bottom, went to the end of the timeline and dragged the text off the top. Opened a 3D container,
highlighted the title/scene container and entered my tumble at -70. The text is tilted. It is smaller at the top than the bottom, but when I play the animation, the centerpoint of the text plane just moves up and down on the vertical plane when viewed from the side. What am I missing here.

Thanks by the way for the prompt reply.

Dennis Freeman

You’re very welcome.

It sounds like something may not be nested correctly. Would you be able to send me a copy of the Title Studio Project? I’d be happy to take a look at it for you.

Thanks so much for your help. Attached is the project

For Vin SW (988 Bytes)

I see the problem. Your text crawl was created in a 3D container instead of a Title Container, so when you placed it inside a new 3D container, it doesn’t animate quite right.

Its a very easy fix. I’ve attached a corrected project for you, but so that you know what I did and can recreate it from your existing project, here are the steps:

  1. Delete the entire scene container so that Title Studio is empty.
  2. Create a new Scene Container
  3. With the scene Container selected, create a new Title Container. You can select this from either the Add New Container icon in the timeline, or by going to Track ----> New Title Container.

(Apologies, I accidentally reversed the nesting order in my previous response. )

  1. With the Title Container selected, open the Controls tab and set the Animation Style to Roll.
  2. Go to Track -----> New Text Page
  3. In the text generator window, paste your text.

With Roll as the animation style, this text will now roll from bottom to top, it’s speed is based on the length of the clip Title Studio is applied to, but you can adjust it in the controls tab.

  1. Select the Scene Container
  2. Set the Tumble X to -70

Your text will now animate into the distance the same way the classic Star Wars opening animates.

Let me know if this helps!


SW Roll (1020 Bytes)

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Hi Vin,
Thanks for your expert help on this, it was driving me nuts. I was able to create the effect just as I wanted it to look. Took a bit of adjusting the lights to make it look right.
One last question, How do I save an effect to the effect browser?

Glad to help! To save an effect to the FX Browser you would need to apply back to your host. Then, in the effect window, under the effect itself, select “Save” to save the effect as a preset. Title Studio will automatically offer to save it in it’s presets folder.

It will then be available in the FX Browser for you to use any time.


Hi Vin,
I selected Save, and saved the file in to the Title Roll folder. The file is in the folder, however, if I try to reuse it, not even the text will open in a new project. What am I doing wrong?

Hi VIn,
Sorry to be such a pain. Had I read the response more carefully I would have been able to save the effect. Now that I have read it, I could save it.
Thanks again

Glad everything worked out!

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesistate to ask.

All the best,