Convert Roto shapes to tracking data

Hi all,

As the title says I was wondering if this is possible somehow. I have created a roto shape in Silhouette 2020, and animated it by hand, without using any tracker. Is there a way to convert the animation of the shape to tracking data? In other words I wish to use the already animated roto shape as a planar tracker in Nuke.
If so, can this be done in Silhouette? Or do I need to import it to Mocha via import shapes?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

From page 792-793 of the user guide:

Tracker Pop-Up Menu
Point Tracker
With the Tracker tool enabled, right-click over a shape or a selected control point to open the Tracker pop-up menu. Trackers can be created based on a shape’s points, the center point of a shape or the shape’s bounding box. Trackers created in this manner are a concatenation of the shape and layer transformation data. So, why do this? Because, it is a handy way of creating trackers with all of this combined data for use in other programs.

Create Corner Trackers from Shape Bounds
Creates four trackers around the four corners of the shape bounding box.

Create Tracker from Shape Center
Creates one tracker in the center of the shape.

Create Tracker from Points
Creates trackers from selected points.

Planar Tracker
Create Point Tracker
Planar Tracker track points can be converted to point trackers which can then be treated like any other point tracker; they can be merged, smoothed, averaged, and applied to layers. Right-click on a planar track point, choose Create Point Tracker and a new point tracker is created.