Converting 2D in 3D

I would like to get into 3D conversion, I knew Silhouette 5 which did it, but trying to get back to it, I’m testing the latest version.
I can’t get the left and right view out of the image.
Already, is it possible with this new version?
And if so, how to output the two views (I only have a view and a black and white depthmap only)
Thanks for your help.

Silhouette no longer generates a stereo image from just an image and a depth matte. The ability to do that went away starting with Silhouette v6.

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OK thanks for your answer. It’s a pity to have lost this very interesting feature.

Both Silhouette and Mocha Pro still support stereoscopic roto and tracking and Mocha’s object removal (infill) techniques was a big part of the stereo conversion process.

If you want to use SIlhouette for the roto or Mocha for the object remove, you will need to bring the elements into a compositor like Nuke or Fusion to create the depth and final stereo.