Copy and past BCC Corner Pin .txt data?


I’m following an older tutorial by Ben Brownlee “Master Mocha Vol 2”. In lesson “2-04” he tracks a shot to create a matte to remove a person. Next, he creates a clean plate and paints out the person. Then he recycles the tracking data to match move the clean plate by exporting tracking data to a BCC Corner Pin .txt file. Finally, he adds the deprecated (old tutorial) BCC Corner Pin effect, and loads the .txt file into Mocha within the BCC Corner Pin effect.

I understand that mocha is now more integrated into plug ins like this:

So like in the example above, you can create a lens flare, launch mocha from within the plug, the flare is already a layer, you can track the layer, save, exit, and the tracking automatically appears in the plug in.

But what if I want to copy tracking from a moving background, and apply that tracking to a clean plate on another track? I tried launching the Mocha interface from within BCC Corner Pin studio, deleting existing layers, and opening the Mocha project I saved from the moving background layer. All the Mocha layer, tracks, etc, appear in the Mocha interface, but I can’t find anyway to turn on the tracking and link it to the clean plate back in the BCC Corner Pin Studio effect. I also tried merging the project instead of opening it. In the new BCC Corner Pin I only see a way of “loading” mattes, not tracking.

How do you copy tracking from a clip to matchmove a clean plate using BCC Corner Pin Studio

Using MochaPro2022-Adobe-9.0.3-26, but an older PPro (V15), because I’m still on Mojave on this machine.


The tracking data should be there if you’re merging projects and the project data is the exact same from one clip to the same clip, is the tracking data completely gone?

Thanks Mary,

Ben responded to an email. It’s the difference between how tracking is applied in the the old BCC Corner Pin vs the new BCC Corner Pin Studio.

He got it all sort it out for me.


Just in case anyone is coming from the older Boris workflow, here is a video from Ben Brownlee. Incredibly, he sent me a video response within a day of reaching out to him. Stunning customer service!

Thanks for the update, Ben’s good like that.