Copy and paste certain data into AE from Mocha Pro 2020, not working

If I try to export tracking data, choosing "After Effects Transform Data [position, scale and rotation’(*.txt) - the information does go to the clipboard, I can see it if I paste it into a text editor, but it will not paste straight from Mocha Pro - it just acts like the clipboard is empty. The workaround is to paste it into a text editor, then select all, and copy again, THEN it will pasted into After Effects.

I know this has been a problem in the past a couple of times. Is this something that needs to be fixed on Adobe’s end, or is this something you can fix? I don’t remember having this problem in the previous version of Mocha, but can’t remember.

Can you let us know what version of AE you are running and share your operating system detail?

I am not aware of an issue copying data from clipboard, however there have been times where Adobe changed clipboard behavior.

Does it work if you use the “Create Track Data” button in the AE plug-in side of Mocha Pro, then 'Apply to layer"? One of the reasons that we added this workflow, was to avoid potential issues with the Adobe clipboard method.

I’m having the exact same issue. IN Mocha Pro 2019, i could simply plaste the transform data, and it would work…for example, if i needed it on a null. The only workaround i could find, is to use the Mocha Pro plugin from MamoWorld. However, the transform data is “jittery”. It’s driving me nuts. I know my track is rock solid, because i created a corner pin and that track is beautiful. But when Use the transform data, it’s jittery. 2 problems! Help! Sharon

After Effects CC 2019 (16.1.3).

I did use the ‘Create Track’ and then Export to the layer I wanted, and that did work. It sounds like this is an Adobe issue, I hope they address it. While I do like that this workaround works, it is several extra steps, rather than highlighting the layer and hitting command-V.

Thank you.

Hey Craig
Are you applying just the transform info to a layer or a null layer? Just curious
I might try your method and see if it works. It was rock solid with Mocha Pro 2019…bringing over the transform data. Thanks

Hi Boomer,

A null layer is still a layer, so not sure what you’re asking - but it won’t seemingly paste into any kind of layer.

@martinb can you take a look at this, please?

@craig.kuehne we will investigate and let you know. It might be an extra click or 2, but once you get used to the “Create Track” and “Create AE Masks” workflow, you can save a lot of time from going back and forth between Mocha and AE for complex projects.

I went back to 2019 with the same track, and it will copy and past transform data into the null just fine in 2019 AE. Def something is different in Mocha Pro 2020. Why did you guys remove that funcationality?

Are you able to use the tracking from the stand alone you’ve previously tracked then? Because when i try to use this plugin, it wants to send the file to an original file. When i forced it to open a previous project, the track was all screwed up. Not a good workflow!!!

I feel like the Rotoscoping is much better in 2020…but the track data is very jittery and really flaky!

The tracking should not be any different at all. Are you using CPU or GPU tracking?

We didn’t change the exports from Pro either, if there’s a difference, it might be a clipboard problem with the Adobe Suite, but that should have been fixed several point releases back. Transform data should paste just fine but I will take a look and try to repeat it on my end.

Thank you for letting us know.


Can you tell us the steps you used to merge the project in the plugin?
An off track usually means you’ve tried to open it instead of merging it. Standalone frame offset can be different from the plugin offset, but merging the project usually works.

We have discovered that on Mac, a BOM (Byte Order Marker) is being written to the clipboard, which After Effects balks at.
We are currently implementing a fix for the next release.
In the meantime, a workaround is to copy the clipboard text into a text editor of your choice. And then copy the text from the text editor back in to the clipboard.

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Excellent!!! Thank you for following up on this and working to address it!

Is there any idea when that release will be out?

As soon as possible. We can’t give a specific timeline.

The fix is done and is working, but we have a few other unrelated items we need to address as well before we can finalise a maintenance update.

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