Copy/paste keyframe mocha pro 2023, dope sheet Error

hello boris, i just download MochaPro 2023-10.0.0-934

i tried copy paste a key frame from a layer but is not working. Dope sheet i select keyframe control+ C control+V not working ( im using the same layer)

in previous version it works normally. can u verify please

im using windows.


I’ve just checked that and you’re seems to be right. Reporting this as a bug.
This should be fixed maintenance release.

Sorry you’ve run into this

hi elizabeth.postol

another thing that i notice is when i select Manual track



manual track and then go back to Large motion, the key frames dissapear

so i have to select an empty space in the video and select again the layer to see the keyframes again

thank you for your reply

By “disappearing”, do you mean that they became invisible on a timeline that you’re showing here?
That’s actually the expected behavior. If you have your layer tracked, you should see keyframes on each frame when you’re in manual mode, just as you can see here - they represent track data.

And if you click on a layer while your motion mode is set to Large - what you see are spline keyframes. It can be confusing because they look the same, but they are a different type of keyframe.

Hope that makes sense for you !

Yes invisible, create some key frames and then change to manual track and go back to Large motion, you will notice your key frames will get invisible, now if you click in a empty spaces in your video and click back to your layer your key frames will discover.

I notice that this happens also when you, for example, after tracking, un-check scaling or rotation or any of this options, your key frames will dissappear, if you want I can upload a video

Yes, i see what you’re talking about. That’s how it should be. They’re not disappearing, it’s just different types of keyframes that you see. Each time you make changes to any parameter, like scaling or rotation as you mentioning - you make a keyframe, and the timeline automatically switches to show you a relevant type of keyframes.

Hi, but how do I see my other key frames again?

Because I track and I make some key frames over the time, and then I select manual track but I don’t make any modifications so I go back to Large track and I don’t see my key frames, it also happens when I select for example, rotation, all my key frames get invisible and a key frame is make in that position

So I don’t know how to show again my key frames other than selecting an empty spaces on the video and selecting the layer back to see the key frames again.

The only way to see all keyframes is through the Dope Sheet. The Timeline can only show one type of keyframes at a time, and it automatically switches to showing the keyframes for the parameter you touched the last. If you do not want to accidentally create keyframes by switching between parameters, you can turn off automatic keyframing here.

Once you switch from Manual track back to Large Motion, and want to see spline keyframes again, just click on one of the points on the spline.

Does this helps?

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you totally right, my mistake, thank you for your explination elizabeth.postol :hugs:

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Glad to Help!