Copy/paste keyframes

Using 1.6.0 here. The Copy/Paste buttons in the Keyframe Controls are never active, under no circumstances. I can select all points or none, playhead can be on a keyframe or not, it simply is never active. I’ve seen it active in many tutorial videos, but it’s not working here. This is a serious issue!

Am I missing something? I can’t figure out how to simply duplicate keyframes in the curve editor. Where is copy/paste?

If you open the curve editor, you should be able to drag select a keyframe and copy/paste from there.

More keyframe manipulation controls is on the feature suggestion list and your suggestions and feedback is appreciated.

Yes, I would like to see this answered as well. This question has been posted a few times here.

I would like to reiterate what others have asked for, as the five-in-one manual is next to useless. How do you copy/paste keyframes as the buttons are greyed out?