Copy Pixel Chooser masks between effects?

Is it possible to copy / transfer a Pixel Chooser Key matte from one effect to another?

@petergot Hi, in your host, is it poss to apply Pixel Chooser to your media on the timeline, do whatever you want to the Matte then save as a Preset, ?

Yes In After Effects I can save the BCC filter as a preset. I only at first saw the preset buttons for the main settings - I did not see them right away for Pixel Chooser. Thanks!

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Yep, Gid has it right.

Note that in the BCC filters the mask data in the PixelChooser (including Mocha) is saved with any filters custom preset and you can then set the BCC filter preferences to include the PixelChooser mask/matte/mocha information when loading a preset, if so desired.

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