Copy track to Davinci Resolve

I am trying to remove moire from skyscrapers taken with a drone. The point tracker of Davinci fails miserably no matter what I try. With the Mocha Pro tracker it is perfect in a breeze. I see that the tracking data can be exported in Fusion but I have little idea about Fusion. Is there a way to export the tracking data and apply it to a power window mask so I can apply Neat Image to remove the Moire or the only way is through Fusion.
Thank you.

While Resolve is not a fully supported host for Mocha Pro, we do know many users are actively using it and there are ways to get the data working via Fusion.

To get Mocha roto shapes out you have a few options:
In Resolve, you could set the Mocha OFX plug-in to “View Matte or Apply Matte” to use as a garbage matte. But this workflow might be slow.

In Fusion, you can export the Mocha Shapes for Fusion, an then use these as a garbage matte.
This video tutorial could be useful: Boris FX | DaVinci Resolve Tip: Import Mocha Masks

And this link from Mocha docs on Fusion workflow might also help: Boris FX | Mocha® 2020 User Guide

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Thank you very much. That video link you posted is gold.I am not so much interested in the Mocha docs as many times I get even more confused with those. Videos are so much useful faster and clear that those limited text pills. Now I have a clear understanding on how to proceed. Thanks again.

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Excellent. If you have good results to share, I believe more Resolve users are very interested in seeing how they can use Mocha Pro to support their work. Please keep us posted.

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