Corner Pin Apply Issue with Plug-in


I’m working with new Mocha 2019 in AE.
I have an issue while applying corner pin with the plug-in :
After tracking in mocha, i go back in AE, and :

  • create Tracking Data (selecting the good layer)
    -select the Corner Pin with motion blur option
  • apply export to the selected layer

But on this selected layer, only applies datas position, scale and rotation. A corner pin effect is applied on the layer but it is set by defaut with no values and no keys…
The Only way is to :

  • delete datas position, scale and rotation on the choosen layer
  • copy corner pin data from the layer on which mocha is applied
  • paste corner pin data on the choosen layer

On the previous Mocha v5, it was also not working, so my solution was to

  • go back in Mocha
  • export Tracking Data
  • copy to clipboard
  • go back in AE
  • paste on the layer

But here with Mocha 2019, it doesn’t paste…

Thank your for your help

We will have to do some tests to see if we can repeat this, thank you for letting us know.

Ok, thanks a lot Mary !
(I don’t think it’s the reason but my Mocha is in English and my AE in french)

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Hi Vincent,

That will be the reason. Adobe discovered this after we released this version that the non-English After Effects doesn’t retain the same values in the corner pin effect.

We have a patch fix for this coming soon.

If that is the reason, it means that this issue is not only in this 2019 version but also in the previous V5 version.
Waiting for the patch :wink:

I am waiting for the patch to, what do you think, when can I work with mocha ae in my german AE?

found the solution . try to parent the corner pin data to mocha effect transform data