Corner Pin Data is Scaling My footage Down

I’m loving Mocha AE. I’m using After Effects 2022. I’m trying to replicate the Corner Pin picture frame tut that Mattias Mohl did a few years back. The track I’m getting is good, but when I apply the data to my target footage (freeze frame), it scales the footage down a lot. The target footage is a duplicate of the tracked footage, with a freeze frame, that is masked. I cannot figure it out. Please help.

@zincdog A screen shot would be good :+1: but the inserted image needs to be full screen, same as the tracked media (after masking) to get the correct look in the corner pinned area, there are controls in the Insert tab at the bottom inside Mocha where you can change the size/aspect of the inserted image.

What does your surface tool look like?

Hi Mary! It’s so wonderful to hear from you! The Surface looks very solid, and I popped in a grid too. The track looks very good.


So, of course, what I’d like to have inside the picture frame is exactly what is in there at this exactly point in the composition.

But when I “Apply” to a duplicate of the layer – with that frame frozen – it does this:

Thank you ever so much for helping!

OK, you need to use the “fit to comp” option with your surface tool. Right now, you are squishing the entire frame into this one corner pin, so it looks exactly correct for what you are currently asking it to do. However, obviously this is NOT the end result you are looking for. So try this workflow: Boris FX | Mocha: Align Surface & Mismatched Resolutions

Many THANKS. Align Surface did it.