Corner Pin goes rubbish after close then opening again

Hi, bare with me as ive only used this software for a bit and this is my first on any forum but i would really appreciate some help here :slight_smile:
Well ive been trying to track my mouth (well actually an area of green paint around my mouth). So i tracked the xpline and adjusted it with keyframes to get some accurate shape data aswell. Then for some reason when i turn on surface it goes a bit crazy. But thats fine after i fix it with alot of keyframes.
After a while it crashes, but thats ok beacuse there are back ups and ive saved it a lot of times. But when i open one of the backups or auto saves the surface for the corner pin is crazy again. So then i go through the process of keyframing the surface right again only for it to crash again (and a few times after that). i then completely reboot my mac and use barely any applications and get to a milestone in the tracking. i save it then close it. i open it again and the corner pin is crap again!
Please can someone give any advise on this as this is really frustrating.
Any help would be great.
Ps. Also if its any help during tracking there was a point, about halfway where there where yellow lines placed randomly and the surface was not shown, but that was fixed by tracking over those few frames again

If you can send us a clip example that would help. If you don’t want to post it publicly you can send it to me here:
Do you need the roto or the track?

It sound like you’re using the adjust track tool and that is going crazy. Also, you can not “keyframe” the surface tool, only the splines, and the splines only drive the tracking information or follow a track for roto.
I would highly recommend checking out our documentation and startup videos on our website:

That will give you tons of good information to start out with!

OK, so your hand occluding the mouth is throwing off the track? When you have a major occlusion like that, we recommend rotoscoping the hand to either remove it from the tracked area by putting the hand roto in the layer above your track.
OR, you can use manual track while the track is occluded.
Using a corner pin is fine, but you can’t “keyframe” the corner pin, the only keyframes are the linked to the track and the corner pin follows these along.
The only exception to this is when you use the corner pin to drive the track in MANUAL track ONLY.
So you can try that.

hi, thanks for the help.
I generally know how to track corner pins for actual quadrilateral shapes but with with the tracking im doing its not a quadrilateral shape.
I basically have a long 1 minute shot of my face and want to put a photoshopped image on top of my mouth thus giving the impression that i have no mouth. I wouldn’t have used corner pining but as the image needs to stretch each way in relationship to my jaw movements i don’t know any other way of doing that other than loads of keyframes in after effects. I think the main thing that is messing everything up is that i put my hand completely over my mouth every 10 or so seconds with confuses the track. I would’ve rotod the hand and set it not to track but as it coverd the whole mouth i just keyframed it. Can you please give the best advice on how to do this?

Hi, ive been tracking everything again after rotoscoping each time the hand comes in the way. I drew a square xpline around the mouth and keyframed it whenever it went off. Im about 3/4 of the way through but now ive noticed that about half way through after the rotod hand goes away the surface dissapears and yellow lines appear. Also the surface (when it is visable in the first half of the video doesn’t completly follow the xpline and goes a bit weird and changes the shape.