Corner Pin Photo insert not tracking Surface Mat

  1. I created a Surface Mat on the outside corners of this photo frame. I had to create key frames for the tracking to work. Once I did that, I pinned my photo to the inside corners of the photo frame. It did a pretty good job of tracking but I can see that it is not exact. I would like to reposition the corner pins inside the frame, but Mocha inside Continnuum doesn’t remember my repositions. I try to add key frames in the bottom right corner, but that doesn’t work either. It worked fine on the Surface Mat, but can’t seem to control the Inside mat that I am corner pinning. Please see the below clip for the video:

Here is a still image

The photo frame is in the bottom right side of the frame. It goes in and out of frame 4 times. It is not the bulletin board behind the actor.

Another issue is that originally placed my BCC Corner Pin Studio Effect on my timeline, I got this image

Now that I am returning to the project to reposition the inside tracking of my corner pin photo, I get this image

I don’t know if there is a techical issue because it says “Mocha is starting” and that message never goes away. See below:

Here is a photo in Continuum Mocha showing my photo frame and the Mat

Notice that the ability to manipulate the Surface Mat is gone. The pins around it are missing. No matter where I click, they do not show up.

Please Help.

Hi there.

Sorry that you’re having this trouble with the software - one of our QA techs is trying to reproduce the issue in house and he’ll respond back with his findings.


Here is a video demonstrating that the corner pins (Blue Line) will not lock to the surface mat (Red Line)

Here is the result of the corner pins not locking to the surface mat. I don’t understand why this is happening. I wish I could just forget about the surface mat and key frame in the photo. I’ve done this 6 times and tried the inside corner of the frame and well as the outside corner of the frame as well as just the surface of the frame. All results are the same. The corner pins do not lock to the red garbage mat.

Can you send along a link to that source shot please? We’ll need that while attempting to reproduce the error that you’re seeing. You can send this privately if you prefer to peterm(at)borisfx(dot)com and I can share it with our techs.



Thank you for reporting these issues. Please note:

  1. The message “Mocha is Launching” is now a default feature & will stay on until Mocha is quit
  2. We have reproed the problem of Shape/Surface losing ability to re-track & engineering will be
    looking into this
  3. As for other issues, would it be possible to send us your proj/timeline (I assume your NLE is Avid),
    the inserted media clip & your system & product version details for us to repro these problems?


  • Mukesh Shah/QA

Hi, @nmfazio,

We’re still investigating why the controls for the primary corner pin track are not accessible when relaunching the Mocha UI. (We are indeed reproducing that issue in-house.)

We do have a workaround you can try in the meantime which involves using Mocha’s ability to link one layer track to another.

-Try a fresh instance of the effect. Open the mocha UI and instead of using the default corner pin shape, create a brand new tracking shape with the x-spline tool and set it up to track the frame. Confirm you can close and relaunch Mocha and the shape is still editable.
-Then use the Link controls to link the Corner Pin track layer to that new track and adjust the surface coordinates to be in the right location.

It is admittedly a tough shot to track with low light/noise/intermittent reflection/glare. But linking to a separate track should let you go in and out and adjust as needed to bypass the issue where the primary corner pin track is not adjustable when re-entering the UI.


Hi Peter, The source clip is at the top of this support request under Section. Many Thanks, Nunzio

Hi Mukesh, I figured out that if I break up the BCC effect into 4 parts I am able to solve this problem. Basically, every time the photo frame goes out of the camera frame, the mat goes crazy and loses its ability to connect with the surface mat. By doing the above and by minimizing the effect to stop as the pict frame goes away, I found a work around. I also spoke to Jon today and he screen recorded the issue for your engineers. Many thanks for your quick reply. Best, Nunzio

Hi Jason, Thanks for the suggestion. I can see how this would be helpful. I also discovered by cutting the effect into 4 parts, I am able to track successfully. I decided to use this for now but, will use your suggestion next time. Best, Nunzio

Hi Peter, FYI: the frame I sent is only 1920 by 1080 vs the 4k version in the avid. So it is actually darker than the original.

Thanks for the update. I too have filed a couple of tickets for engineering to look at.

Regarding the shape handles being hidden when reopening the Mocha UI, we identified an easy workaround.

When you relaunch the Mocha UI and don’t see the handles for the Corner Pin shape, right click on the red shape outline and then select Layer->Show Points from the popup menu. This will make the shape controls editable again. Note, this needs to be done each time you relaunch the Mocha UI if you want to edit the previous shape. This issue only affects BCC Corner Pin Studio and only in Continuum 2023. It will be fixed in the next update.


Thank you!