Corner Pin Studio Resolve 16 Studio GFX QT wrong start time

Using Corner Pin Studio 14.01 in Resolve Studio 16. Working nicely with jpg files. However when working with mov files that have motion gfx the QT file is starting at an arbitrary point. Sometime 2 sec after the animation starts or more. I have made sure that in and out points are cleared on the QT source file however that does not impact the start time in CPS.

What is odd as well is CPS will loop the clip. So it may start 3 seconds in then get to the end and loop all while playing over top of a clip that is the same length as the GFX QT.

Hi, Chad,

I’m guessing the clip to which you are applying Corner Pin Studio is trimmed on the front? It appears that when you pipe in a secondary matte input in Resolve, it assumes that secondary input starts at the same time as the original, untrimmed main tack. So if you trimmed two seconds off the front of the main track, then it automatically trims two seconds off the matte track as well. Also it appears to automatically loop if the secondary matte input is shorter than the main track (ignoring all trim). It is unclear without more research whether this is something we can control as a plugin. Perhaps we could add a “time offset” slider for the secondary input to account for this, but even that would be a kludgy workflow.

Does this seem to explain the situation you are seeing? If not, then would you be able to share a project file with us? If this does explain it, then the workarounds I can envision would be padding the front of the secondary matte track by the amount of the trim. Or pre-rendering the main track in shortened, trimmed form so that no front trim is required on the copy where Corner Pin Studio is applied.


Hi Jason

Thanks for your reply. On this current project I have a guy on stage giving a talk. When we cut to the wide shot then we are doing some screen replacements. Sometime with jpg other times with motion gfx. So yes the start time of the clip and that of the gfx is not the same.

As a test I exported one of the wide shots (pre rendered) and brought back in as a single file. When applying corner pin studio to the new clip the graphic quicktime works great. All come in on time.

In this situation I don’t think a slider would work as the farther we go into the film the more out the clip would be to the incoming graphics file.

Thanks for providing a work around!