Corner pin studio title tracking help

I have an issue in which I track my Surface properly within title Studio. When I look at the preview screen itself after I’ve saved the tracks its also in the correct location. But once I render the video my motion track is no longer accurate or in the right place is that it showed during the initial preview. What could be causing this. I was thinking it was probably my graphics card. But the issues still persist and I’m not too certain. Only because I’ve never gotten this to work.

I am doing this all through Vegas Pro 17. In accordance with the linked video

Tracking Text to a Wall using Continuum Corner Pin Studio inside VEGAS Pro - YouTube .

As I said in the preview the track is perfectly on the wall where I want it at. But once it starts rendering even while I’m watching the render the tracks are inaccurate. Has anyone else experienced this? And if so what did you do to fix it? I am currently running the program using RTX 1060 graphics card.

Are you rendering to a different resolution or frame rate from your VP project?

I’ve seen what you describe happen when I’ve tracked a project at 60fps and rendered at 30 or vice versa.

I worked around this with that project by rendering at the project settings and downconverting with handbrake.

Since then, I’ve made sure my tracking projects are set to the same values I’ll eventually render to.

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Have you applied a motion effect on the Vegas side? Or is it possible the sequence time does not match the source file?

Typically these type is issues related to a project FPS mismatch. Hope this helps.

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Actually I will check and see about the frames mismatch. I’ve never actually given that a thought before. If you are online right now I can live stream it to show you what I see if the issue persist.

As of right now the video frames per second rendered matches the original transfer second and the frames per second use during the edit.

So based off of reading the two responses. I am going to start the project from scratch and make sure that the project window that pops up when creating a new project matches the video file itself. I will give you an update and a link to the video. As I stated before I have been using the Boris FX tutorials. And don’t really stray from what effects they use yet since I haven’t quite mastered motion tracking.

All right you two thanks a lot. It seems that my issue was as you guys had stated the frames per second being used for the project was not matching the video nor was it matching the output for rendering. I greatly appreciate you guys teach me something new. Hopefully this fixes all the issues that I’ve having lit motion tracking. Thank you for your time and sharing knowledge.

I’m glad you were able to re-track without too much trouble. The first time I had that problem I was fortunate in that my output requirements were whatever I needed them to be and I was able to render as needed to keep the tracking valid.