Corner Pin & Transform Data only being applied to first frame

I’ve had success on my first two clips, but I cannot figure out what changed. The tracking data is being successfully created as I see all the keyframes on the clip inside the AE sequence. Once I go to “Apply Export” as a Corner Pin (support motion blur) only first frame of the clip i’m applying it to gets the keyframes. Is there something I could’ve toggled unknowingly? Everything was working great before.


After Effects 2020 Creative Cloud
Mocha Version 7.5.0 build 1284.g70f8ee7e3fe2
Build Date Jun 1 2020

Please let me know if you need anymore information. All help is appreciated, thank you!

There’s nothing at first glance there that seems to be a problem. I assume there is not retiming on the solid layer.
Try deleting the solid and regenerating the track data.

Failing that, apply a new Mocha AE and try retracking the shot and redoing the export.
We’ve seen a couple of cases where the AE layer timing has gone askew, but just redoing the effect has fixed it.

Thanks for the response. I did try different solid and clips. I deleted everything and started from scratch. Even cleared cache. It’s very strange, i’m not really sure what to try next. Is there a manual export?

Everything is working now, thank you! I ended up deleting everything but this time doing a new dynamic link from Premiere and it worked! :slight_smile: