Corner pins from Mocha Pro to Fusion

I can’t figure out how to get a clean plate to be scaled correctly when putting the track into Fusion Studio 16. In AE, I have a preset that uses CC Power Pin to scale\unscale the clean plate so that I can use the Mocha corner pin track. I don’t normally use the expand button in Mocha because I don’t like how it changes the plane. When I apply the track and switch it to Match Move in Fusion, it looks like how AE looks when you first apply a corner pin to a full screen clean plate.

You’re going to have to expand the surface tool to fit the edges of the shot. If you don’t like the warp from the rest of the plate, because of course that will look odd, you can mask it out and that’s an expected workflow.

If the corner pin is looking squashed, it’s because the surface tool isn’t in the right place. Make sure too that you align the surface tool on the frame you have the plate matching up on.

Fusion doesn’t have a power pin in the same way AE does, so it doesn’t work the same way.

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Wish there was a way to export like that and also keep the grid in the proper place in Mocha. Is that a thing? It’s hard to go back and tweak once you’ve expanded it.

Yes, you can apply the matte to the expanded corner pin in the insert module. That can help a lot. To keep the grid in the proper place you might just have to increase the grid subdivisions if you are talking about the insert warper… if you’re talking about the grid that’s attached to the surface tool, no, it’s a child of the track.

However, you can have the grid where you want it and then simply duplicate that layer and then align that surface to the frame so you have access to both bits of data. Or make a new shape and link it to your proper track. There’s many workflows you can use here.