Corrupt file or unsupported format

I’m using Adobe CC2015 and windows 7 64. I have been editing for quite some time in Premiere, but a novice at AE and Mocha AE.
I cannot get a clip to open in Mocha AE. I have read several posts on this subject. I have tried every format and codec I have, confirmed that clip properties match project properties, and all software is up to date. I have tried clips from several different projects and drive locations. Every try returns the same error message, “Unsupported Format or corrupt file.” These clips all play in AE, Premiere, and Quicktime, but will not open in Mocha AE.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled AE and Quicktime: no change.
I hope you can help figure this out!

mocha supports most standard movie clip and image sequence formats. In order to use clips (ie. not image sequences) you must have QuickTime installed. Level of QuickTime support can vary depending on the operating system.

View documentation: supported file list

What to Do if mocha Does Not Support Your Footage
In the event that you are working in a format that mocha doesn’t support, we recommend converting the footage to an image sequence.
If you are just tracking, you can use any compressed format such as a JPG sequence and then use your original footage when you apply the data. If you are going to be doing rendering, such as using Mocha Pro’s remove or insert modules, then we recommend converting to a DPX or TIFF sequence.
Make sure of the following when converting to an image sequence:
  • The frame rate, aspect ratio and dimensions are the same as the original footage.
  • If you are creating proxy footage, make sure the aspect ratio and frame rate are the same.
  • If you are using a particular bit depth, make sure you convert to the same depth if you are using the footage for rendering inside mocha
  • If using compressed footage, don’t set the compression too low, as this will create artifacts that may hinder tracking and roto.
  • Make sure mocha supports the sequence you are converting to!
  • If you would prefer to convert to a movie clip format then we recommend a standard format that QuickTime would understand, such as Animation. If you are working on OSX, ProRes can also be a good alternative.