Corruption in Display?

I’m working on a track and have inserted the 8x8 grid to give me some extra clues as to how the track is going. Unfortunately it seems to be stuck on the footage, as if I have rendered it there. Is it a cache problem? How do I get back to a clean clip?

Hi there,

Just go to insert clip and select “none,” that should work for you.

If you have rendered it, in the dropdown menu at the top of the screen, drop back down to the original clip.


Tried both of those first, no luck. And thanks for getting back to me so quick.

Turn out it was operator error. Even though you can select a layer to not appear, it still will show the insert that you have used, whether it’s the mocha rectangular logo, the 8 x 8 grid or whatever. I would think just the opposite, if it is hidden the insert should be hidden.